Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weight Loss Update (Let's Make These Regular)

Hey Everyone, 

I realize it has been far too long since I wrote a post for this site. After having my surgery just under a year ago (can you believe it's been almost a year?!), I really wanted things to 'get back to normal' and neglected writing on this site because, at the time, I felt like it would be a daily reminder of how different my life would really have to be. What I didn't realize at the time was just how beneficial having this blog could be. Having to be accountable to to not only my family and friends, but also my amazing followers will definitely keep me on the right path. It is for that reason I have decided to start posting WEEKLY updates on this blog. Below are a number of updates to catch you up on my life with a lap band. 

Weight Loss: 

Before starting my two week pre-op diet last year, I tipped the scales at my highest weight ever, 278 lbs. As of this morning, I weigh 235 lbs. While I am happy to have lost 43 lbs thus far, I would be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat disappointed I'm not further along. I have been losing and gaining for what seems like the last 3-4 months and haven't been able to reach that magic 50lbs weight loss number. 

Food Consumption: 

After first receiving my surgery, I was a lap band superstar. I ate the foods I was told to eat (high protein, low carbs, low calorie, low fat, etc), ate very slowly and was sure to chew chew chew every piece of food that went into my mouth. The first time I got stuck was scary. I could feel the piece of food pressing against my chest and knew I wasn't going to be able to swallow it no matter how much water I drank to flush it down. Luckily the process of 'throwing it up' wasn't as bad as I had been told and, eventually, I became less cautious when eating knowing that I could easily 'flush' or 'throw up' any piece of food that got stuck (a very bad mind set). While it felt nice to be slowing losing weight, it also felt nice to be able to eat some of my old favourite foods (ice cream, pasta, etc), and I slowly got out of the habit of eating well. Fast forward to last month when I got on the scale and realized I had gained 8lbs since my last weigh-in. Not wanting to disappoint my family who paid for my surgery or be embarrassed the next time I went to my surgeon's office for a weigh in or a fill, I decided to change my eating patterns. Realizing that I am not someone who will ever be willing to give up the foods I really enjoy (this is not supposed to be a strict diet but rather a lifestyle change), I decided I needed to start cooking myself much healthier versions of my favourite meals, snacks, etc. From green smoothies and chia seed granola to homemade low calorie strawberry ice cream, I've been cooking up a storm, and while I honestly haven't seen much weight loss (I think I've lost 3lbs total), I do feel much healthier and, am hoping a lap band fill later this week can help get me back on track when it comes to losing the weight. 

Filling the Band

Since having my surgery almost a year ago, I have had two lap band fills. While I should be having fills more regularly, the fact that the surgeon's office is 2 hours away combined with the fact that I have been having a horrible year when it comes to my fibromyalgia, has made it very difficult. The last time I went for a fill was back in March. After telling the nurse that I was feeling quite hungry between meals and had eat more than a cup of food per meal to feel satisfied, she decided to give me a 4cc fill. After receiving a fill you are asked to drink a couple of sips of water to ensure that band is not too tight. After receiving my 4cc fill, I found it was somewhat hard to swallow the water and had to have a de-fill. In the end I ended up with only a 1cc fill (not sure why they didn't leave it at a 2cc or 3cc), which unfortunately did nothing for my hunger or weight loss. This time I plan on asking for a bigger fill and am hoping for no swallowing complications. 

The Future

As I said above, I really want to get back to posting regular updates on this site. I also thought it might be fun for if I shared pictures of/recipes for some of the healthier foods I have been eating. My goal is to hit the 50lbs weight loss mark by the end of Summer and I am hoping with your encouragement and support I will be able to do just that. 




  1. Congratulations on being 43lbs smaller than you were before you embarked on this journey! I have every confidence that you will reach and surpass that 50lbs goal. You are more conscious about what you are putting into your body, and making healthier choices on a daily basis, all of which should be celebrated. Yay you!

    I will continue to read your updates, and cheer you on from afar. Go Alicia!!!

  2. Keep going! I'm happy for you and I know you can get to your goal weight!

  3. sorry this is a very late comment, I've only just come across this post. i want to say a huge congratulations on what you have achieved you look absolutely fantastic. I hope the clean eating goes well :)xx