Monday, July 16, 2012

First Try of My Meal Replacement Shake (Video)

I have started a new youtube channel for Funny Face Weight Loss, as I hope to record my weight loss journey. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had my sister record my first sip of the Slim Time meal replacement shakes I have to drink. I warn you I have absolutely no makeup on, my hair is not done and I am in my PJs. While I would definitely never call the shakes 'tasty', they have been getting better as I get used to them, and I am now able to drink one in about 20 minutes (day one it took me 3 hours to finish one of them). 

If you would like to see more videos of my journey, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel here



  1. I have to think there are better options out there! Was this brand recommended by your physician? Are there certain requirements in terms of calories, fats, etc? Are you allowed to have berries? Mixing in frozen berries makes a big difference! Also, get yourself a blender. Thoroughly mixing them helps! A whisk will leave clumps, and it won't be as frothy.

    1. This is the brand they said I have to have. There were no options. This is what they use I guess. No berries allowed. I do use a blender most days because it tastes better frozen. It has gotten a lot better since I filmed that video. It's no chocolate milk shake but its not completely xx

    2. I feel like they are evil...forcing you to consume icky protein shakes when there are much better ones out there. Well, I'm glad that it has gotten better. Just stay focused on the goal! :)

    3. After surgery I will probably need to add some protein to my diet because I am a vegetarian. I will definitely start experimenting with different shakes then. I love homemade smoothies with yogurt and frozen fruit so maybe adding some protein powder would be good. I got to have sugar free gum and crystal light today (making crystal light popsicles) so I am pretty happy about that. I also took a ketosis test and I am getting there, so I should be feeling good in the next couple of days.