Sunday, July 22, 2012

Very Disappointing Numbers

Before I started the surgical process of losing weight, I had tried several different diets. Unfortunately over the past couple of years I only seemed to be gaining weight, and no matter what I tried (weight watchers, no carbs) nothing came off. It was then that I decided to go the surgical route. 

To be honest, my house has always been 'low fat'. We always choose the healthier options when it comes to food, and we are rarely seen sitting out with bags of chips and bottles of coke gorging ourselves. 

When I met with the surgeon preforming my surgery, we questioned him about this. How is it that someone who doesn't eat very much (I had fairly small appetite) can continue to gain weight? How can someone who used to be able to lose significant amounts of weight on a diet, suddenly not be able to lose even a couple of pounds? Could something be medically wrong? He was unwilling to hear that and said that in no way could this be medically related. It was clear that I was eating too much and needed a strict diet. While I didn't 100% agree, I figured he was the doctor and therefore knows best. 

I started this pre-op diet ten days ago and have had less than 1000 calories every day. I have stuck with just drinking protein shakes and eating veggies, until 3 days ago when I made the choice to eat fat free cottage cheese (only 1/2 cup a day). I figured that with such a strict diet I would definitely lose weight. I've read stories about people losing 20-25 pounds during the pre-op diet, and some doctors actually require you to lose 10 pounds during the pre-op diet to show that you can actually lose weight (and stick with a strict diet). 

This evening I got home from my cottage and decided to weigh myself (I weighed myself right before I started the pre-op diet). I didn't want to get my hopes up, but figured I would have lost at least 8-10 pounds. NOPE. Not even close. I have spent the last 10 days dying from hunger and nausea to lose 2.5 pounds!

I know some people are going to say, that's great, every little pound counts, but I don't see it that way. Why am I spending thousands of dollars to save surgery when I don't even know if I can lose significant weight? Is there something medically wrong and should we explore that before I have major surgery? 

My mom and I are going to call the doctor tomorrow morning, but I can't help but think he will somehow blame it on me and my 'over eating' habits. It's so disappointing to work so hard and see such crappy results. :(



  1. I completely understand your frustration! I have done so many diets and exercise plans over the years only to lose a few pounds and then hit a plateau that never ends. I recently learned I have PCOS and it makes it a lot harder to lose anything.

    I'm frustrated at the doctor for you for insisting it's a behavioral issue rather than a medical reason for lack of progress. Don't let him make you feel bad for any reason. You are the one who lives in your body and know what goes on on the day to day basis.

    I also wanted to say I really appreciate you making this blog. I have been a reader of Funny Face Beauty for awhile and followed you over here. I have often considered weight loss surgery but have never heard any firsthand experiences. Thank you for being so candid and honest about what you are going through.

  2. That is so super effed up. I'm so sorry you're going through all of this pain and frustration. I hope you get answers soon.

  3. i say not fair. not bloody fair at all. I could understand this to happen to a person who is like super close to their ideal weight and got hardly got anything to lose but even then you were so good with your diet, you should have lost more. The only thing I can think of is a lazy thyroid which is not working hard enough. Maybe it's the intake of water? I know that when I do a all shake diet that if I don't drink the 2 litres and a half of water they recommend with it, I don't lose the weight. Go figure why, I can't explain. hang on in there, don't despair xx